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The Jacksonville Injury Clinic You Can Count on for Fast Recovery

Nov 3

If you are involved in a car or slip & fall accident and sustained injuries in Jacksonville, FL, you should seek treatment immediately. You should come to East Coast Injury Clinic – Jacksonville Chiropractor. We are a reliable Jacksonville injury clinic addressing a wide range of injuries and conditions. Keep reading to find out why you should come to our injury clinic.

We Treat a Wide Range of Injuries and Conditions 

When you are involved in a slip & fall or car accident, you can get different injuries like broken bones, concussion, pinched nerves, neck injury, and back injury. Our auto accident Jacksonville FL clinic can treat injuries sustained during car accidents ranging from back injuries to concussions. If you also get injuries while at work, we offer medical and physical care in Jacksonville, FL to help you overcome the pain and heal. In addition, we treat migraines, sciatica, knee pain, lower back pain, foot pain, and other conditions that affect your mobility, physical fitness, and quality of life.    

We Guarantee Fast Recovery  

At East Coast Injury Clinic, we have highly trained and experienced chiropractors, injury doctors, physiotherapists, and other medical specialists. So if you are looking for an experienced physical therapist Jacksonville FL to help you recover fast, come to our injury clinic.  Our physiotherapist will examine you and use a customized treatment plan to help you heal and regain your physical fitness quickly. 

We Support You Even After the Treatment 

Our relationship with you will not end after concussion treatment Jacksonville FL. We will invite you for follow-up appointments to assess your progress. We will provide you with the necessary care and share tips that will help you recover fast. We also keep open communication where you can contact our physiotherapists to ask questions and guidance in case you have an emergency or experience an issue during your recovery journey.  

We’ll Provide Medical Records to Support Your Compensation Claim

If your injuries are a result of an auto accident or accident at work, you will need supporting documents to support your compensation claim. You will need a doctor’s report and authentic medical bills. If you don’t have these documents, getting compensation will be challenging. The good news is that our injury clinic Jacksonville FL will provide you with all the medical reports and records you’ll need to support your personal injury compensation claim. We will also share some insights that will help you have a smooth claim process.  

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