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Why Are Celebrities So Obsessed With Weight Loss?

Dec 6

If you've ever wondered why many celebrities are obsessed with their body weight, you're not alone. You might have read about many celebrity weight loss journeys like Adele's Keto diet, Jessica Simpson's weight loss, or Rebel Wilson's obsession with her body. While these topics are not exclusive to celebrities, they have important implications for people's self-esteem.

Adele's Keto diet

There's a reason Adele's Keto diet is so popular. The singer lost fifty pounds using the ketogenic diet in 2016. The popular diet also allows you to consume chocolate and red wine. The main goal of the keto diet is to help your body burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. This type of diet also allows you to eat a wide range of vegetables, which provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs.

Adele has a huge fan base, has sold over 120 million records, has won 15 Grammy Awards, and has a new album coming out soon. Although she has never spoken publicly about her weight loss journey, she finally did so in a November 2021 interview with British Vogue.

Jessica Simpson's weight loss

In the six months since giving birth to her third child, Jessica Simpson dropped 100 pounds. She credits her healthy lifestyle and not taking drastic measures for her success. She walks 14,000 steps a day and prioritises sleep. Her weight loss plan is based on a whole-body approach.

Jessica has three children with her husband, Eric Johnson. After years of fluctuating weight and body image issues, she ditched the scale and learned to love her body at any size. In fact, she's credited with sparking a more honest conversation about weight loss reveal photos.

Many people have speculated that Simpson's weight loss goals are causing stress in her marriage. However, the actress's rep reassures Gossip Cop that this story is false. The singer's weight loss is a lifestyle change, not a temporary fix. She's committed to setting an example for her children by establishing healthier habits.

Rebel Wilson's obsession with her body

Rebel Wilson has recently opened up about her weight loss obsession. The actress and singer has lost more than 40 pounds since she first started her weight loss journey last year. The weight loss has gotten her a lot of attention and has even been featured in glossy magazines. But why is the public so obsessed with losing weight?

Wilson's transformation isn't just physical. She's also gone through an internal transformation. She entered the new year with the intent of making 2020 her Year of Health. She's set a high priority on well-being, citing her 40th birthday as her motivation. However, this doesn't mean she's been a slave to a strict diet or workout machine. Her goal is to attack health from all angles.

Despite her obsession with weight loss, Wilson's obsession with health is rooted in her personal life. She recently suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome and wanted to become healthier. She also wanted to conquer emotional eating and remain true to herself. To help herself make this commitment, she wrote herself a letter at the start of 2020.

Wilson has also written about her struggles with weight loss. She has openly discussed how food has helped her deal with fame pressures. She has kept 60 pounds off ever since. She has also been working with a personal trainer to help her get in shape.