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Stiff Neck: Should You See a Chiropractor?

May 29

A stiff neck is not a pleasant experience. Strained or injured neck muscles usually cause this, but it can also be caused by bad posture or stress.


Seeing a chiropractor is a fantastic alternative to merely dealing with the pain and waiting for the stiff neck ache to go away. Numerous studies have demonstrated that chiropractors may effectively relieve neck discomfort and restore mobility using a variety of safe, non-invasive procedures.


Is a Chiropractor Effective in Treating Neck Pain/Stiff Neck?


Chiropractors have spent years studying and training to help clients with neck pain. Chiropractic care is perfect for persons with stiff necks who seek safe treatment, quick relief, and even recommendations on avoiding future stiffness and discomfort. They can also advise patients on reducing neck discomfort organically at home.


Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for neck discomfort. Here are a few of them to give you how chiropractic treatment for neck pain and stiffness works.


Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain Is Safe


The benefits and dangers of chiropractic therapy for neck discomfort were investigated in cohort research published in 2007. Seventy-nine chiropractors, 529 patients, and approximately 4800 therapy consultations were engaged in the study.


There were no adverse events reported over the study's duration. Minor aches and pains were prevalent, although they usually went gone quickly. The study's authors concluded that the advantages of chiropractic care for neck discomfort exceed the dangers, given the care's safety.


Chiropractic Treatment for Stiff Neck


Many of the chiropractic studies are represented in the two studies above. New research on the advantages of chiropractic therapy continues to emerge. However, chiropractors provide various therapy options for stiff necks, which we'll go over today to give you an idea of what to expect.


  1. Adjustments to the neck

Getting a chiropractic neck adjustment has numerous advantages. Neck adjustments, often known as manipulations, are used by chiropractors to help realign the spine. This can ease pressure on the discs in the neck and hence the nerves.


  1. Modalities of Physical Therapy

When the neck is stiff and painful, chiropractors often utilize physical therapy modalities like ultrasound, heat, ice, or cold laser therapy to relieve discomfort and swelling, allowing them to focus on treating the underlying source of the issue.

  1. Exercising/Stretching

Chiropractors frequently prescribe neck stretches and exercise to treat neck pain and prevent it from returning. They'll usually demonstrate the stretches in the clinic and then tell you to practice them at home for the duration of your treatment, and possibly even longer, depending on your discomfort.

  1. Massage

Massage therapy is a fantastic approach to relaxing tense muscles and facilitating neck recovery. A decent massage or two can sometimes be all a stiff neck needs to loosen up and feel better.


Chiropractor or Massage for a Stiff Neck?


When it comes to a stiff neck, many people worry about whether they should see a chiropractor or a massage therapist. Unfortunately, by picking one over the other, you're limiting your options for neck pain alleviation. In reality, research reveals that the best treatment for neck discomfort is a multimodal strategy.


The multimodal approach is supported by a study to identify the best evidence-based chiropractic treatment for neck discomfort. The authors looked at 41 research to find the best treatment alternatives, and they discovered that a multimodal approach often worked best. As a result, finding a chiropractor that provides massage therapy and physical therapy will help you get the best treatment for your stiff neck or neck discomfort.


You can get fast and effective pain relief by mixing several neck adjustment techniques with massage, stretches, and physical therapy treatments.


You don't have to live with a stiff neck, whether you woke up with one, had a sudden ache when you tilted your head in the car, or believe another issue is to blame. A visit to the chiropractor for a tight neck might provide immediate relief through established and safe therapies. In addition, chiropractors may help you deal with "text neck," providing a framework for keeping your neck healthy and maintaining good posture to avoid subsequent problems and treat neck pain.


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