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Apr 26

In addition to spinal adjustment chiropractic, chiropractors also employ other techniques to alleviate neck and back pain. Chiropractic care, just like other specialists in the field of spine, performs a thorough physical and neurological exam to discover the source of pain related to the spine. A thorough diagnosis of the spine condition is crucial for the patient to choose the best chiropractic treatment.


Exercise For Therapeutic Reasons.

For those who suffer with pain in their back or neck or in the extremities due to any accident paramount chiropractors often recommend strengthening exercises. These exercises are able to reduce pain, prevent degeneration of muscles, improve joint health, improve strength and stabilize, as well as protect against recurrent or new injuries.

Your chiropractor will demonstrate the exercises to you, and will supervise you until you're able to do them yourself. Your workouts must be done exactly as instructed (similar to prescription drugs). Studies show that those who stick to their exercise regimens are more likely to recover quickly.


Stretches That Help You Relax.

Therapeutic stretching is essential to prevent scar tissue from growing following an injury. When a spinal injury heals it is essential to keep stretching. This will help to keep your muscles flexible, improve flexibility, and safeguard you from further injuries. Like exercise, your chiropractor will teach you proper stretching techniques and guide you until you feel comfortable doing so independently.


Traction Of The Spine.

Spinal traction is a popular practice used by many chiropractors, in which devices that traction apply to the spine in order to move it. By gently separating the vertebrae, disc decompression can reduce nerve root pressure and less discomfort is possible.


Manual Therapy Of The Soft Tissues.

Chiropractors employ hands-on soft tissue therapies to help the soft tissues to function better (muscles, ligaments, tendons as well as joint capsules). Stretch and pin, also known as Active Release Technique (ART) and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) are two of the most commonly used techniques employed in chiropractic care (Graston Technique).

Modalities Of Physical Therapy.

1. Electromyography (EMG).

This therapy uses electrodes placed on the skin to transmit gentle electrical impulses to specific regions of the body. There are many kinds of electrical stimulation. Certain are better for alleviating pain or to reduce inflammation, while others are a great way to treat muscular spasms, and some actively cause muscles to contract to decrease the atrophy of muscles. In addition, some techniques of electrical stimulation have combination effects.


2. Stimulation Of The Transcutaneous Nerves.

A TENS unit is a compact, battery-powered, portable muscle stimulation device that is used at home to alleviate the pain. It is possible to control the intensity of the electric current to ease pain. An acute (severe) pain can be alleviated by using this therapy method. Patients with chronic pain should not make use of TENS machines. For back pain that is chronically low A study by the American Academy of Neurology concluded that TENS machines weren't effective in 2009.


3. Ultrasound.

The sound waves generate deep heat which can be used to treat patients by using therapeutic ultrasound. The sound waves are a sort of micro-massage that reduces swelling, increases the flow of blood, and lessens pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms when applied to joints and soft tissues.


4. Therapy Using Ice And Heat.

A variety of painful conditions have been treated with ice or the heat. Following an accident, ice treatment is commonly used to reduce swelling and ease discomfort. The use of heat therapy is beneficial to patients who suffer from chronic discomfort. It relaxes muscles and boosts circulation. Both cold and hot therapy are able to be used on the same patient, based on their condition.


Nutritional And Dietary Counseling.

Research has proven that nutritional deficiencies and inadequate diets are linked to various serious illnesses like stroke, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Nutrition counseling and diet is a specialization of chiropractors trained in this area. A chiropractor can assist you to develop a diet plan which is specifically tailored to your requirements. This will ensure that you are well-nourished and less likely be afflicted by any of these fatal illnesses.


Therapy To Help You Make A Lifestyle Change.

This does not mean you're healthy even if you are not suffering from symptoms or illnesses. Your health over the long term is directly affected by the choices you make regarding your health and well being. We know that even seemingly insignificant unhealthy lifestyle choices can eventually lead to major health problems. Some lifestyle decisions and habits that could have a detrimental impact on your health include:

  • Inactivity in the absence of regular physical activity
  • Smoking Food insecurity
  • Anxiety that is overwhelming
  • Over-reliance on pharmaceuticals
  • Consuming excessive alcohol
  • Negative body language
  • Lifting incorrectly

Your chiropractor will go over your life choices with you, assist you in sorting through unhealthy habits that can harm your health, and provide you with useful strategies to manage and deal with these. As you will see, chiropractors do more than just adjust the spine. Chiropractors employ a variety of therapies to help the body heal itself and restore a normal life that is pain-free and comfortable.




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