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Apr 22

It is often difficult to decide if going to a chiropractor is a healthy choice. Chiropractic treatment can provide many benefits such as relief from pain and overall health improvement. Some believe that chiropractors can do more harm than beneficial. What is the truth? Is it a good idea to visit chiropractors? Check out this article to find out.

1. It's Possible To Ease Back Discomfort.

It is normal for people to visit chiropractor dr john  for back pain.

Recent studies have shown that chiropractic therapy has many advantages.

Participants suffering from back pain were asked to take part in the research. Half of them received 12 sessions of chiropractic therapy in the meantime, the other half received no treatment.

Six weeks after starting a chiropractic care regimen, patients reported decreased discomfort and greater satisfaction from their treatment.

If you're among the roughly 540 million suffering with back pain, this could be worth a try.


2. Assists In The Relief Of Neck Pain.

Sometimes neck pain cannot be alleviated with a massage or some simple changes to your posture.

One of the most prestigious chiropractic schools in America used research from specialists within the field to investigate how chiropractic care can relieve chronic neck pain.

Nearly half of the patients who were treated had significant pain relief.


3. Helps In The Treatment Of Chronic Pain.

A chiropractor will try to find the root of patient discomfort prior to the beginning of treatment.

Once we have identified the root of the problem treatments for inflammation and muscle tension will be developed.

This approach is why many patients visit chiropractors for relief from chronic pain.

One study demonstrated that chiropractic care is more effective at reducing pain intensity than visiting an office for pain treatment for long-term issues.

In addition to techniques for spinal correction, a chiropractor may use alternative therapies like ultrasound, EMS, and TENS therapy.


4. A reduction In High Blood Pressure (HBP).

Chiropractic care's ability to lower blood pressure could come as a surprise to certain people.

Not only were you surprised by the findings of the study from 2007, as were the researchers too.

Their study revealed that there was no reason to take medication to lower blood pressure after the Atlas vertebra was realigned.

This technique has the benefit that you take two blood pressure pills simultaneously. As of now there are no problems. We didn't observe any negative impact or problems.


5. Inflammation Is Reduced.

Chiropractors extol their profession's virtues in reducing the body's response to inflammation.

According to these experts, the health of your neurological system can be maintained by realigning the vertebrae in your spine.

It is possible to reduce inflammation by restoring your body's biomechanics back to normal and stopping the creation of neuropeptides.


6. Reduce Migraines And Headaches.

In spite of the absence of research-based evidence, chiropractic treatment for headaches and migraines is still one of the top reasons to schedule a session.

87.2 percent of chiropractors said they treated patients suffering from migraines and headaches in a survey that was conducted in 2015.

Think about whether a structural problem in the neck could be to blame for several of these symptoms.


Chiropractic Care Has Three Risks.

There are positive and negative aspects to visiting chiropractors, and it's vital to be aware of both.

Overall, chiropractic care is considered one of the most non-invasive and safest forms of health care. But, it's better to be aware of the potential risks.


1. The Area Is Prone To Temporary Discomfort. 

The American Chiropractic Association insists that chiropractic care is safe, however, it warns patients that they may feel discomfort during and following treatment.

According to them, side effects typically disappear after several days.


2. There Is A Possibility Of Sustaining A Low Back Injury.

Low back injuries have been reported in very few patients who have had chiropractic treatment.

Patients with an prior history of disc herniation, or prolapse are more likely to suffer from this.

Experts suggested that spinal adjustment may have caused the problem. They suggested that lifting, bending, and coughing could be the cause.

Eight issues connected to chiropractic care were found over the course of the 80 years.


3. Stroke Risk.

A stroke could occur in the event that you visit the chiropractor, but it's highly unusual.

Neck adjustments that are too high-velocity can result in stroke.



The bottom line is that chiropractors provide many benefits for their patients when it comes to health and wellness. A chiropractor could be the right option for you if experiencing discomfort, pain or other issues. Remember that every person is unique and it is important to speak to your doctor before making any major decision. The decision to visit a chiropractor or not is yours. We believe, however, that, in the majority of cases going to a chiropractor is the best option for you.




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