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Chiropractic Care and Recovery

Feb 19

Numerous patients are faced with difficult recovery processes after an illness, injury, surgery, or other type of treatment. Studies have shown that after suffering from sicknesses such as cancer, the body often remains in "fight or flight," which can cause many of the same symptoms and signs that the patient experienced during their illness.

It's important to remember that even though the current illness is gone, if your body is still in "fight-or-flight mode", it won't get any stronger nor adapt the way it needs. This can lead to other health issues. The best way to speed up recovery is to get rid of nerve interference. Chiropractic allows us progress in our adaptability. It gives us the strength and ability to handle all kinds of stress.

While recovery is not quick, neurologically based chiropractic treatment allows our bodies and minds to heal in the right way. This allows for faster healing than those who don't get adjusted. Subluxation is removed, which increases communication between brain and body via spinal cord. All systems can then recover and function optimally.

"I feel more well than any time since my accident when I started treatment!"

Six years ago, I had broken both my C5- and C6. I needed surgery to remove the fragments and spinal fluid from the damaged disk. My symptoms were high blood pressure (high blood pressure), vomiting, left arm pain, and numbness in my thumb and index fingers. The recovery process was long. I was given medications after surgery and sent to physical therapist. The symptoms remained even after six years. Integral Chiropractic care was something I was eager to try. It used a different method than hand manipulation. I was overwhelmed by the staff's kindness and how everything is kept tidy. Since my accident, I feel healthier than ever! I would recommend Chiropractic Care! They are compassionate and patient. They love the Lord and are willing to help!

Amy T.


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